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Domestic helpers can book free Covid-19 tests

Local | 16 Dec 2020 5:30 pm

Around 370,000 domestic helpers in the city will undergo a one-off free Covid-19 test, with its booking available starting tomorrow.

This came amid a cluster revolving around a maid boarding home in Tai Po’s Fung Nin Building has emerged.

Meanwhile, all residents and visitors of Ming Yan House in Sha Tin’s Yuet Ming Estate were evacuated today after three units on the same wing of one floor had been infected, implying the potential existence of a super spreader.

Residents and visitors of Ming Yan House, as well as those from Lung San House in Diamond Hill’s Lung Poon Court, will have to undergo mandatory tests, as the two blocks have seen four units infected so far.

Hong Kong reported 82 new Covid-19 cases today, taking the total tally of infections and deaths to 7,804 and 123 respectively.

Among the 82 cases, 79 are domestic -- including 35 infected by unknown sources, with the rest being imported.

Likewise, more than 80 preliminary positive cases are pending confirmation.

Chuang Shuk-kwan, head of the Center for Health Protection, said that a one-time free Covid-19 test consisting of nose and throat swabs would still be offered to foreign domestic helpers at 18 community centers across the city, from tomorrow to the end of January.

Chuang said helpers could also pick up sampling bottles from all post offices, 47 outpatient clinics and ten MTR stations for the tests.

Asked about the cluster surrounding Ming Lai House of Wong Tai Sin’s Choi Wan Estate, she said that two more units of the block had been infected, taking the total tally to six units involving seven patients so far.

Among the six units of the block, three units 33 saw four residents confirmed with the virus, whereas two units 34 saw one tested preliminarily positive for the virus and one from a different unit that was linked to the dance cluster.

“The Department of Health saw a ‘vertical’ mode of virus transmission, and will inspect the pipes of the block alongside the Environmental Protection Department,” Chuang said.

All residents of Ming Lai House were issued with notices on receiving compulsory Covid-19 tests.

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政府今日(九月三十日)宣布,本港外籍家庭傭工(外傭)的「規定最低工資」將調高百分之二點二,由現時每月4,630元增加至4,730元。 此外,根據聘用外傭的「標準僱傭合約」,僱主必須為外傭提供免費膳食。現時絕大部分僱主均為外傭提供免費膳食,但僱主亦可選擇以膳食津貼代替。該膳食津貼將由現時每月不少於1,173元增加23元至不少於1,196元。 新的「規定最低工資」及膳食津貼水平將適用於明日(十月一日)


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