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Returnees to get choice of 36 hotels for quarantine

People flying into Hong Kong from December 22 will be able to choose from one of 36 hotels to spend their 14 days of quarantine, the government said on Friday. While anyone coming in from the mainland would be exempt, other people can choose from the designated list of hotels which will have no other guests other than people in isolation. The Secretary for the Civil Service, Patrick Nip, said some 12,000 rooms are available, and 80 percent of them will cost less than HK$1,000 a night, with three meals per day included. For anyone who wants to quarantine in style, the most expensive choice available is a suite at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong for HK$51,150 per night. Nip said returnees will be sent directly to the hotel that they have booked after undergoing coronavirus tests at the airport. Hotel staff will also be tested for coronavirus every 14 days, and a special team will be assigned to supervise and patrol the hotels. Nip explained that the measure is not being implemented right away so that visitors, hotels and airlines can all make the necessary arrangements. He also said that from next Tuesday, people flying into Chek Lap Kok will undergo nose and throat swabs for Covid-19 tests, instead of providing deep throat saliva specimens themselves, in order to increase the accuracy of the test results. Hotel booking for returnees

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政府今日(九月三十日)宣布,本港外籍家庭傭工(外傭)的「規定最低工資」將調高百分之二點二,由現時每月4,630元增加至4,730元。 此外,根據聘用外傭的「標準僱傭合約」,僱主必須為外傭提供免費膳食。現時絕大部分僱主均為外傭提供免費膳食,但僱主亦可選擇以膳食津貼代替。該膳食津貼將由現時每月不少於1,173元增加23元至不少於1,196元。 新的「規定最低工資」及膳食津貼水平將適用於明日(十月一日)


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