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Diners have little appetite for govt tracking tool

Restaurants and businesses such as gyms and cinemas on Thursday started complying with a government order to tell customers to make use of the LeaveHomeSafe contact tracing app before entering their premises, although RTHK found that not everyone was happy with the new requirement.

The new rule comes as restaurants are allowed to extend their evening dine-in services past 6pm and many businesses are re-opening after months of closure due to the pandemic.

People who do not wish to use the government app, which involves scanning a QR code at each premises, can provide their personal information instead.

But one man, surnamed Shek, said he plans to order takeaway every day to avoid the need to hand over his details.

“It’s not just about that extra move that you do, like writing a paper or scanning the QR code. It’s the privacy, it’s the information that I don’t want to share,” he told RTHK’s Wong Yin-ting.

“That is hindering me from following the protocols of the government, because it’s all stupid,” he said.

A woman who had breakfast at a restaurant in Central said she would rather provide her contact details in writing.

“I think the registration is fine. I like the fact that the restaurant has the other option where I don’t have to scan the QR code, because I don’t have the app and I don’t plan to download the app,” she said.

Another man said he was not aware of the new requirement, but would comply if restaurant staff asked him to.

“Obviously it’s a new rule, probably better education and information and communication is required,” he said.

Another woman who refused to use the app was given a piece of blank paper to jot down her information, but she told RTHK that the waiter did not explain what she was supposed to write.

Authorities on Thursday said customers who order takeaway from restaurants would not be required to scan the code.

2021-02-18 HKT 11:46

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政府今日(九月三十日)宣布,本港外籍家庭傭工(外傭)的「規定最低工資」將調高百分之二點二,由現時每月4,630元增加至4,730元。 此外,根據聘用外傭的「標準僱傭合約」,僱主必須為外傭提供免費膳食。現時絕大部分僱主均為外傭提供免費膳食,但僱主亦可選擇以膳食津貼代替。該膳食津貼將由現時每月不少於1,173元增加23元至不少於1,196元。 新的「規定最低工資」及膳食津貼水平將適用於明日(十月一日)


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