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挑選女傭中介有甚麼需要留意? How to choose an Agency?


When choose an agent before you sign the contract with the helper, you need to caution about the below situation, to protect yourself.

首先,應了解清楚在甚麼情況下可以免費轉換女傭。其次,在簽同服務合約及僱傭合約前,需核對清楚工人的護照 、樣貌及全名是否跟女傭中介提供的資料一樣,亦需掌握工人到港預計時間。最後,應要求女傭中介公司列明僱傭合約的收費細則,例如包括機票、接機費用、香港驗身費用、當地驗身費用、領事館合約費用、入境處Visa費用等等。

First, you need to know if any free replacement in any condition; Second, you need to confirm the helper information before you sign the contract, and also need to have the helper arrival date; Finally, you better request the agent to write down the details of charges, for example air-tickets, pick up fee, local body check-up fee, consulate general administration fee and HK V;